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Diving in Isla de la Plata

Ecuador is one of the best destinations in the world to explore underwater, because the beauty of the entire South Pacific is concentrated in its colorful marine fauna, its underwater cliffs, corals and more. The Galapagos Marine Reserve, the Machalilla National Park and the Pacific Coast offer unique sites in the world.

La Isla de la Plata

Located within the Machalilla National Park -which owns some diving destinations-, this island offers under its waters a compendium of the majestic scenarios of the South Pacific. Difficulty: medium Period: all year round.

Puerto López is one of the most visited tourist areas of Ecuador. It has the right environment for the development of activities of contemplation of nature, and is the center of stay and distribution for visits to the Machalilla National Park, a reserve that also has archaeological sites, as this sector was an important settlement of the Manteña Culture (500 BC – 1,500 AD).

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